Mobile Phone Repairs Newport

Here at ElectroBIT, we offer all models of mobile phones. From the latest iPhones to older mobile phones, we have you covered. With a certified repair service and a 3 month guarantee on all repair work, you’ll be in safe hands when you choose us. Repairing a mobile phone is much cheaper than replacing it. When it comes to mobile phone repairs in Newport, be sure to get in touch with ElectroBIT today!

Our Promise

Professional Repairs
We offer professional repairs and only use quality replacements parts.

Years of Experience
With years of experience in the industry, we have the skills and knowledge needed to provide an efficient repair service.

Well-Known Reputation
We are well-known throughout Newport for the repair services we offer.

Mobile Phone Repairs in Newport

There’s nothing worse than your mobile phone breaking and that’s why we offer fast and high quality mobile phone repairs. We can repair all makes and models of phone including some of the following brands:

  • iPhone (All Generations)
  • Samsung (All Generations)
  • HTC
  • Google
  • Sony
  • LG
  • Huawei
  • Nokia
  • HTC
  • Motorola
  • Sony

From home button replacements to battery issues and much more, we have all your mobile phone repair needs covered. Contact us today to book your mobile phone repair.

Professional Mobile Repairs In Newport

We offer a professional and efficient mobile repair service. All repair work is guaranteed for 3 months, so you’ll be in safe hands when you choose ElectroBIT.

Smartphone Repair Prices

We offer some of the best and most affordable prices for smartphone repair in the Newport area. Some of the most common problems people suffer from and the cost to fix them are:

Smartphones & Tablets
iPhone LCD All Models £30 / £140
iPad Touch (LCD) £50 / £70
iPhone doesn't power on (hardware issues) £25 / £70
iPad doesn't power on (hardware issues) £40 / £70
Software issues £25
iPad Touch (LCD) £50 / £70

These are just a few of the smartphone problems we can repair. If your phone is broken and is in need of a repair, then be sure to get in touch with us today.

Repairing Your Mobile Phone

Broken LCD

When a screen breaks, sometimes the problem is the digitizer, sometimes it’s just the top layer and other times it is the LCD (if you notice squiggly lines or an all-white or all-black screen, it could be the LCD). We have certified technicians who are experts in providing top quality mobile phone repairs. If your device is suffering from screen damage, trust the experts at ElectroBIT. If your phone is unprotected, chipping and scratching the screen can easily happen. When the screen on your phone is shattered, there’s no reason to delay the inevitable. No matter what make or model of mobile phone you might have, we aim to provide an efficient mobile phone repair service.

Water Damage

Dropped your phone in water? A water damaged phone is not the end of the road for your device. A phone damaged by water or liquid is our speciality and this service is for you. Even if your phone has no sign of life the chances are we can reverse the damage. This service includes the initial diagnostic and cleaning of all parts inside the phone. When we receive your water damaged phone we will identify which part/s have failed and will inform you if any additional cost is involved. Our success rate is over 90% on water damaged phones. Having repaired many mobile phones for customers throughout Newport, we have developed a well-known reputation for the service we provide.

Hardware Issues

We provide a comprehensive range of mobile phone repairs to address any problem you might encounter with your mobile phone, such as issues with charging issues, power faults and damaged screens. At ElectroBIT, we can also recover lost phone data, unlock mobile phones and remove those frustrating SIM restrictions. We have the knowledge and expertise to quickly and accurately repair any issue that prevents your mobile phone from operating correctly. No matter what problem you might be suffering from with your mobile phone, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Choose ElectroBIT For Mobile Phone Repairs in Newport

When it comes to mobile phone repairs in Newport, be sure to make ElectroBIT your first port of call. Most mobile repairs are carried out within 2 days and we can fix some issues within 30 minutes. For any phone we fix or parts we replace, we offer a 3 month guarantee. No matter what make or model of phone you might have, we’ll be happy to assess the problem and offer the best solution for it. If you’re in need of a mobile phone repair in Newport, then be sure to get in touch with us today.

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