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At ElectroBIT we can guarantee to fix 95% of issues with Apple devices

Should you require a speedy Mac repair service in Newport, look no further, ElectroBIT have you covered. As Apple Mac specialists we specialise in a repair service for a number of models including Mac Minis, MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros and iMacs. We’re experts when it comes to computers and will carry out different assessments and tests to make sure we get the diagnosis right, it may be that you’re not in need of a complete repair service, but that your Mac needs a software upgrade, well we can help. We’ve been in the computer repair business for many years and understand that Macs have a great reputation for being reliable, however, it’s important to know that high technology devices can still go wrong at any time. At ElectroBIT in Newport, we’ll make sure that your Mac is back up and running as it should be. For more information, contact the ElectroBIT Mac repair team today.

Mac Computer Repair Services in Newport

When you choose ElectroBIT for your Mac repairs in Newport, you can trust that you’re in the best hands, our skilled Mac technicians are more than capable of providing a range repair solutions including a fault diagnosis service and hardware services, as hardware issues tend to be the main cause of most Mac problems. Once our professional computer repair technicians have established the problem, they’ll then work to make sure your Apple Mac is in top condition again. Whatever device or system you have, from an iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, our Mac Repair experts have all of the necessary knowledge and skills to diagnose and fix all problems with Apple devices. Should your Apple Mac have frozen or it has a cracked or damaged screen, give the team at ElectroBIT a call today, we’ll fix your device and have it working in no time at all. We can also assist with powering on issues, which is considered as a ‘non-repairable issue’ by the majority of computer repair shops in Newport. So make sure you call ElectroBIT, we’re home to a professional team of expert technicians and maintenance specialists, we’re experts when it comes to affordable repairs and diagnostic services, as well as ensuring quality replacement parts and upgrades.

Professional Mac Repairs In Newport

Common Mac Issues and Repairs

At ElectroBIT, our skills and experience mean we’ve assisted with a number of mac repairs over the years, this includes the following mac repairs and problems…

  • Screen repairs and replacements
  • Circuitry repairs and replacements
  • Repair or replacement of damaged keys
  • Cracked or damaged cases
  • Charging port issues
  • Faulty hard drives and disc drives
  • Troubleshooting and repairing power issues
  • Water damage

As computer specialists, at ElectroBIT we understand how important and essential your computer data is, that’s why if you’ve recently purchased a new Apple Mac device, we can help you transfer all of your data to your new device.

Why Choose Us for Mac Repair in Newport?

We have been offering our Mac repair service to both individuals and businesses throughout Newport for many years. At ElectroBIT we have years of experience in the industry, as well as all of the skills, tools and knowledge needed to ensure the most effective repair is carried out. Here are just some of the reasons why you should choose ElectroBIT for Mac repairs in Newport:

  • A wealth of experience in the industry
  • Specialise in the repair of all types of Mac problems
  • Providing a professional and efficient repair service
  • Renowned across Newport for the excellent service we provide
  • Our services are available to customers throughout Newport and the surrounding areas

Contact ElectroBIT for Mac Repairs in Newport

If you’re in need of a Mac repair in Newport, then be sure to get in touch with ElectroBIT today. With years of experience in repairing all types of Macs such as MacBooks, iMacs and other Apple devices, you can rest assured you’ve come to the right place. We guarantee a professional and efficient repair service, no matter what the issue is with your Mac. Our team have undergone extensive training to ensure they have all of the skills and knowledge needed to provide the highest standard of repair. So, should your Mac be experiencing problems and you think it might need a repair, then be sure to get in touch with ElectroBIT for a quote today.


Don’t worry as this is a very common issue and our experience has shown that the reason why tends to vary and can be a number of reasons. The most popular reason includes issues with the RAM, so if you’re very close to your limit, this can cause the system to run slowly. Another issue is the hard drive, as internal hard drives degrade over time, so if it’s been running for a while and is full, then this can also cause it to slow down. Simply give ElectroBIT a call today, we’re experts when it comes to Macs.

In some cases, it may not be economical to repair a computer, so if we think that the cost of repairing or replacing computer parts or software isn’t going to be worth the money for you, then we’ll tell you. Whilst we can provide and ensure a number of Mac repairs, if in the small chance your Mac can’t be repaired, then we can provide a transfer or backup for your data to another device.

Apple will usually not replace anything, the smallest scratch will be determined your fault as it is physical damage and therefore a warranty cancellation on top of the fact older devices become vintage in their opinion and therefore they will not touch them. If you have any issues which you need help with then feel free to get in touch with us here at ElectroBIT and we will fix 95% of all issues.

A Macbook screen costs between £90.00 – £270.00

Apple do not fix devices on component level whereas we do, they will just completely replace the electronics in the Macbook with huge costs and lengthy waiting times.

Yes, at ElectroBIT we’re extremely professional and secure and won’t access any of your data unless you ask us to, or if it’s needed due to the nature of the problem. We won’t make any copies of your data unless you’ve asked us to do so as well. We also won’t ever delete any of your data without your permission. So, should you need the hard drive replacing we can also provide data restoring and backup and restore your data. For more information, simply contact the ElectroBIT team today.

Here at ElectroBIT we do not  usually replace the logic boards we repair them unless it is absolutely necessary, the cost would be from £120.00 to £250.00

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